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10 Tier Maypole Acrylic Round Cupcake Stand Tower

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Our best selling 10 tier cupcake stand with it's simple but sturdy screw on design. Can be used as 10,9,8,7,6,5, 4,3,2 tier stand, ideal for Weddings and parties.Overall size:    Length 600 * Width 600 * Height 934mm

10 Tier Maypole Acrylic Round Cupcake Stand Tower

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Product Description

10 Tier Maypole Cupcake Stand

Cheerico Cupcake Stand
The 10 Tier Maypole Cupcake Stand is our best selling 10 tier cup cake stand. It is held together by central rod fixed with screws for strength and stability.

This 10 tier Maypole cupcake stand can cater at least 280 cupcakes.

Overall size:   

Length 500 * Width 500 * Height 932mm             
Tier 1: Dia 150mm      
Tier 2: Dia 200mm        
Tier 3: Dia 250mm        
Tier 4: Dia 300mm      
Tier 5: Dia 350mm              
Tier 6: Dia 400mm      
Tier 7: Dia 450mm  
Tier 8: Dia 500mm
Tier 9: Dia 550mm  
Tier 10: Dia 600mm  

#Rod Pillar Size : Diameter 60mm x 100mm Height 
# 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th, 8th, 9th, 10th  tier is 5mm thick 

Flat packed in cardboard carton, each component is protected with bubble wrap.

Tier plates x 10
Rod pillars x 9
Screws x  10

Assembly Instructions: very simple and quick to assemble. Simply fasten each screw to the corresponding rod, there is no need for glue or other fixings/hardware. View this instructional video on how to put the Maypole Cupcake Stand together.;The four small round plastic feet are included, and you can mix the plates as any plate can be used as top or bottom tier.

The stand is not designed to move around once built so construct it in its final resting place. Do not attempt to move the stand once it has cakes on it.

Can be taken apart, washed and stored away for another time. This cupcake stand can be used as a 10 tier stand or you can remove the top plates and use it as a 9 tier, 8 tier, 7 tier, 6 tier, 5 tier, 4 tier etc.

Below you will find an example of how many cupcakes can be arranged on each tier.


PLEASE NOTE: You must remove the manufacturers’ protective cover before assembling this product. This covering is clear bubble and cling wrap on both sides of every acrylic component.

Download Assembly instructions for Round Maypole cupcake Stand


Parts: Acrylic discs, head screws, double screws, acrylic rods and acrylic feet.

* Remove the manufacturer’s protective cover from BOTH side of each acrylic component.
*The stand is not designed to move around once built so construct it in its final resting place. Do not attempt to move the stand once it has cakes on it.
* Begin by placing the feet to the underside of the bottom disc ensuring they are evenly spaced.
* Take a metal head screw and place it on to a flat surface where the stand is to be constructed
* Carefully line up the hole(s) of the largest disk with head screw ensuring the disc is resting securely on the acrylic feet.
* Now screw the first rod onto the screw thread of the head screw making sure the acrylic disc is clamped firmly between two components.
* Continue by placing the next largest disc on to the screw thread of rod and tighten each piece as you go.
* The final rod is to be used as the supposed for the top tier and the stand is completed by adding the other screw cap into the top.


* The stand is made from acrylic which will scratch if it is not looked after properly. 
* To clean the product use warm water with a little washing-up liquid and soft cloth. 
* Do not use any abrasive cleaning products as they will make the acrylic. 
* Do not put the stand in a dishwater

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